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About AKM Trans Ltd.

AKM Trans Ltd. is the Baltic States’ road transportation leader’s “Sadarbība Ltd.” (founded in 1992) subsidiary which has been successfully engaged in cargo road transportation since 2009.

The company provides cargo road transportation to/from the European Union, Russia and CIS countries for both individual and corporate clients.

AKM Trans Ltd owns mostly VOLVO, Mercedes Benz Actros trucks with Kaessbohrer, RIMO treilers. Their technical possibilities allows to load 10-11 vehicles.
In our company works professional drivers who has experience with car carriers already many years, that guarantees quality and fastest in loading and unloading cars.

The routes we plan with Map&guide professional, Google maps and Auto route 2010, that gives an opportunity to reduce redundant kilometrs till minimum same time to make economy on time and Your money.

There also is possibility to park Your car in our territory in Germany, as well you can transport it with our evacuator to ferry’s or our parking.

ransportation of light cars in Europe

We will supply your car with a car driver from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as from other European countries and Scandinavia to Latvia, the Baltic States, as well as between European countries.

AKM Trans Ltd. offers such services:

Transportation of cars from / to European countries

Transportation of cars from / to European countries

(including Scandinavian countries)

Standard car insurance during carriage

Standard car insurance
during carriage

Additional car insurance during shipment

Additional car insurance during shipment

Short-term / long-term guarded parking lot

Short-term / long-term guarded parking lot

Car delivery from manufacturer / vendor to customer

Car delivery from manufacturer / vendor to customer

Towing services in the territory of Latvia

Towing services in the territory of Latvia

(for car delivery to client's door)

Apply for delivery on lease

Payment for ordered services on leasing.

After confirmation of the order, you will be directed to the Lateko Leasing website for filling in the leasing form.
You will receive the ordered service after the leasing company will approve your application.

To clarify the amount of the service, please contact us - SIA "AKM TRANS"!

Apply for service

Once you have purchased a car
or you want to transfer your family / work car:

- fill in the application with all the necessary information,
- or contact us in a convenient way, using our contact information. 

When we have received the application, 

we will contact you to clarify the time,
when we will arrive to take the car.

Agree with the seller if you do not need credentials or other documents to get the car without incident.skaņojiet ar pārdevēju vai no Jums nav nepieciešamas pilnvaras vai citi dokumenti, lai automašīnu varētu saņemt bez starpgadījumiem.

Cars purchased at auctions, dealerships, car dealerships.

We want to provide you with the highest level of service,
so for the fast delivery we list some of the conditions that must be observed:

AKM Trans car transportation

Before transporting the car, inform us that the organizer / seller has received payment.

AKM Trans car transportation

Auction organizers / sellers will not issue a car until full payment has been made.

AKM Trans car transportation

Ensure that the auction organizer / seller has received from you all the information you need to issue the car, including the authority.

Several conditions can affect the length and cost of transportation:

AKM Trans

Car size and volume

(one car or whole cargo)

AKM Trans

Car location

AKM Trans

Car technical condition

(have or are not up to date)

Loading possibilities

8 big limousine loading; car length up to 4830 mm

8 big limousine loading; car length up to 4820 mm

9 medium-sized limousine loading; car length up to 4500 mm

9 medium-sized limousine loading; car length up to 3960 mm

10 small car loading; car length up to 3900 mm

12 small car loading; car length up to 2500 mm

7 vehicles loading;  car length up to 4660/4860 mm

3 mirco bus loading; car length up to 5640/6590 mm

Car insurance

Many people have faced the need to transport a car from point A to point B. Unfortunately, not everyone makes sure that the selected transport carrier is licensed and with proper cargo insurance. 

In this case, if the customer's car has suffered during the carriage or, worse still, the whole cargo has been damaged in an accident, the car, money, health and possibly the cooperation partners are lost.

In our fleet, every car carrier has cargo insurance that can be checked at any time.

Cargo insurance costs are high, in the case of non-existent insurance, there is a high risk of losing more funds, but there are companies that rely on luck to save. To make sure the car is safe, make sure the carrier is insured with your car

Is it worth to entrust your car to a company that is not licensed and does not insure your car? If you want to transport your car safely, we will help you!

Car leasing

We offer favorable leasing terms.


Apply for leasing

Contacts of AKM Trans, Ltd.

Kārlis Krieviņš

Member of the Board

Agris Krieviņš

Technical director

Lita Justele

Office Administrator

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